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Who are we looking for? PDF Print
  • All Shapes and Sizes - Rugby is one of the few sports where you are not forced have a specific skill set in order to participate. We need players with a wide arrange of abilities in order to fill all of the positions. Big, small, short, or tall we have a spot on the Steelhead for everyone.
  • Willing to try something new – Let’s face it Rugby is not yet as popular in outstate Minnesota as it is in the Twin Cities area or in the rest of the world. But every year Minnesota adds more and more High School rugby teams to the state. Last year there were 1200 High School students playing rugby in Minnesota (up 21% from the year before). In 2010 there were over 46 High School Rugby Teams. With addition of expansion teams, like the Steelhead, rugby in Minnesota will continue to grow. Be part of that excitement!
  • No Experience Necessary - Our coaches will be teaching rugby from the ground up. Even if you have never heard of rugby, we will give you all the skills you need to succeed. If you play another sport such as Football, Soccer, Hockey, Wrestling, Basketball, and Cross Country, we can teach you how to take those skills and apply them to rugby. We can also show you how rugby can make you better at those other sports.
  • The Beginning – Rugby has been in St. Cloud for 30+ years. It has finally made it down to the High School level. Be part of something special that will be here for another 30 years. As part of the Steelheads first season you will have special place in St. Cloud Rugby history.
Who is eligible? PDF Print
  • Attending HS - Eligible Players must be registered at a nationally-accredited High School that issues Graduation Diplomas. Special exemptions can be made those players which are home schooled or other. Recently graduated players may be eligible as well depending on their specific circumstances.
  • Age - Players are eligible if they have not reached their 19th birthday by the September 1st that occurs at the start of the competitive season. Players younger than 15 would need special exemption to compete at the High School level.
  • Club Sport – Because this is a club sport, we can recruit kids from any High School in the St. Cloud and surrounding area. This is includes but is not limited to St. Cloud Tech, St. Cloud Apollo, St. Cloud Cathedral, Sartell, Sauk Rapids, Rice, Rocori, Foley, Kimball, Eden Valley, Watkins, Annandale, Avon, Albany and on and on…
  • For more details on eligibility check out USA Rugby’s detailed Eligibility Requirements by clicking HERE.
What does it cost to play? What do I get for that? PDF Print

Steelhead Rugby Players will be charged $150 for one Spring Season.

This includes the below items

  • $65 USA Rugby/CIPP Fee (player/team liability insurance - $65)
  • One Pair of Rugby Shorts (yours to keep) - $20
  • One Pair of Rugby Socks (yours to keep) - $8
  • Coaching Staff – Included one head coach and at least one assistance coach
  • Set of IRB Approved Rugby Jerseys for Games
  • Rucking and other Pads for practice
  • Rugby Balls for practice
  • Rugby Balls for games
  • Rugby Practice Field
  • USA Rugby approved game field
  • USA Rugby certified Referees
  • Playoffs – Chance to compete in playoffs for a MN State championship
  • Accident Insurance – The Steelhead will be providing all of its players with Accident Insurance by Zurich.  Details of the plan can be found by clicking HERE.  For complete details on the policy contact a coach or team administrator.


This DOES NOT include the following items

  • Rugby cleats – Cleats can cost anywhere from $30 - $100 depending. I have often used soccer cleats which I purchased at the clearance shelf at Dunham’s for $30. If you have an existing set of cleats from Football or Soccer, there is a very good chance those would work for rugby.
  • Mouth Guard – Same mouth guard that you use for other High School sports is required for rugby.
  • Other protective gear – Some rugby players where very thin helmets called Scrum Caps. Some also use very thin shoulder pads. Both are optional and are considered to be a players preference although at the High School level we encourage there use.
  • Rugby Practice Jersey – Some type of jersey or shirt you can practice in. There is tackling in Rugby so you will need to make sure that it is made out of a stronger material.
  • Steelhead Apparel – There will be opportunities to buy warm-ups, t-shirts, hats, etc… none of which will be included in your dues.
  • Transportation - Transportation to and from practice on a weekly basis.  Transportation to games.  We will try and get parents to car pool but ultimately you will be responsible for getting your player to and from matches.
When do we start practicing/playing? PDF Print

High School rugby is played from roughly Mid April to the first week in June. There also may be some opportunities to play in the summer if you are interested. Click HERE for our full Spring 2011 season.

Timeline (All Dates/Times Tentative)

  • March 14th – Official Team practice Begins Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays – To keep in line with other Spring Sports we will be starting practices mid-March. 
    • Indoor Practice Schedule
    • Outdoor Practice Schedule
      • Starting Monday, March 28th we will be practicing 4:30 – 6:30PM every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at DIOCESE PARK.  Schedule may be subject to some slight changes depending on weather etc...
  • April 15th – Our first league match is Friday April 15th in Waconia. We will then have three home matches in a row before we finish the regulation season with two away matches. Click here for our full schedule.
Who Do We Play? PDF Print
  • Rugby is considered a club sport in Minnesota. We do not compete in the Minnesota State High School League.
  • We do compete as a member of the Minnesota Rugby Union under the supervision of MARF (Minnesota Amateur Rugby Foundation), which is all under the national organization called USA Rugby. USA Rugby is responsible for setting guidelines for all Mens and Women’s clubs. They represent all youth, High School, College, Senior, and Professional Clubs (International) in the US. They work with the IRB (International Rugby Board) to make sure we are playing the exact same rugby that they play in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, etc…
  • Within Minnesota there are two Tiers. Tier 1 being made up of the larger more established High Schools. Tier 2 being made up of the smaller or new to rugby schools such as the Steelhead. This is very similar to how the MSHSL divides schools into Class A, AA, AAA, etc…  Tier 2 is divided into the East and West divisions. We have been placed in the West Division. Other schools in our division are Orono (aka Western Alliance Rugby or WAR), Faribault, Waconia, Sioux Falls (always Home Game for Steelhead), Eden Prairie.
  • Click Here for our Full Schedule.
Where do we practice/play? PDF Print
  • Practice Indoors – We will either be using the St. Cloud Armory or the Rejuv Boot camp Facility in Waite Park to practice until the snow has melted. Our goal will be to get outside as soon as possible.
  • Practice Outdoors – Diocese Park - This is a rugby field located by the Stearns County History museum in St. Cloud. This field has been used by rugby clubs in St. Cloud for the last 8 years.
  • GamesDiocese Park will more than likely be where the Steelhead play our home games. We are also working with the local schools and City to see if one of the larger stadiums would be available.
How many players do we need? PDF Print

We can handle as many as sign up.  We have the coaching staff and organization to scale to however many kids sign up.  With that said, a rugby team typically consists of 23 players that suit up at any given match.  Only 15 of those players can be on the field at any given time.  You generally need more players to cover for positions and absences.  A good number of kids to have would be 30 - 35.  If we exceed that we have the ability to create more teams from year to year.  We also compete in B-Side and other matches.

How Do I Sign Up? PDF Print

Click on the link on the top of the page labeled "Sign Up".  Fill out the contact form and follow the instructions on that link.  If you have any problem or issues you can email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 320-743-8557

How Safe is Rugby? PDF Print

Rugby is as safe as any contact sport out there. Because rugby players don't wear heavy "protective" equipment, rugby players are more aware of their physical position, particularly their head, neck and shoulders. By playing for possession of the ball, not yardage, and the rule of no blocking, players are less likely to be injured by other players.

For more on rugby safety, read this short article written by Dr. Lyle J. Mitchell, past president of the American College of Sports Medicine.  Click HERE.

Also check out this study which compares rugby injuries rates to that of other comparable sports, such as football.  Click HERE.

Just in case there is a problem we will have a certified athletic trainer at every game.  Saftey our players is our first priority!