Wednesday, November 14, 2018
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XataThanks goes to Xata for their sponsorship and support of the Sirens.  Without their help we may still be wearing the men's jerseys.....THANKS!


Since 1985, Xata has been at the forefront of the development of technologies and services that have brought the power of science to the North American trucking industry. Combining enterprise software, onboard computing, real-time communication and global positioning, we've created intuitive and automated solutions that help improve operations by integrating operational and performance data with billing, payroll, routing and compliance systems.


Check out their website!


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Monster Energy DrinkThanks goes to Monster Energy drink for their sponsorship of all three St. Cloud Rugby teams.

Tear into a can of the meanest energy supplement on the planet, MONSTER energy. We went down to the lab and cooked up a double shot of our killer energy brew. It's a wicked mega hit that delivers twice the buzz of a regular energy drink. MONSTER packs a vicious punch but has a smooth flavor you can really pound down.Unleash the Beast!

Rejuv Medical PDF Print

Rejuv HardcoreThanks to JR, Dr. Baumgartner and all the folks over at Rejuv for their ongoing support of St. Cloud Rugby.

Whether you are the weekend warrior who wants to improve performance or the elite athlete who needs peak performance to crush the competition, Rejuv HARDcore is for you. It is a very competitive world and it is time to bring the science of training to your side to maximize your ability and athletic gains.


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